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Film & TV

The film and TV industry is a fast-paced and busy place, and with it comes long days on-set for the actors, film crew, and location staff. We are here to help boost your energy with delicious and nutritious meals that will help your team to stay energised and focused throughout the day. No matter how remote the location, we can travel to anywhere in the UK. Our experienced staff will take care of all your catering needs, whether you need breakfast, snacks, lunch, or dinner. Just call or email us today to request a quote or to find out more about our specialist services.

Bringing You Mouthwatering Meals On-set

We have had the advantage of working with a variety of established companies, bringing mouthwatering meals on-set for both the cast and the crew. Just a few of the industry-leading brands we have worked for include Sky, Paramount, Disney+, Apple TV, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Amazon, and Netflix.

Apple Tv
Channel Four
Disney Plus
Warner Bros
The Bottle Yard Studios
Space Studios
Shepperton Studios
Pinewood Studios
Dragon Studios
Black Hangar Studios

Crew Catering Services

Working in the film and TV industry is a challenging role, and no two days are the same. Allow us to help to ease the pressure of your everyday tasks with our healthy and mouthwatering meals that will keep you and your staff motivated throughout the day. Not only this, but there are many other advantages to hiring mobile catering services, which include:

We are organised, flexible, adaptable, and fully mobile, which allows us to prepare for the cast and crew on set or location. Additionally, we can accommodate for all nutritional needs and dietary requirements and can prepare bespoke dishes for individuals who are on a special diet.

Yes, we do. We can visit any location or studio nationwide. No matter how big or small the team, we have the options and packages to suit your requirements. Contact us today via phone or email to find out more or to hire us for catering services.

Catering Credits

We have been lucky enough to cater on set for a variety of established TV productions. Just some of the main productions we have provided catering services for include.

Production Title Type Year Role Company
Crow Girl TV 2024 Caterers Bristol - Buccaneer Ltd
Sapphire Film 2024 Caterers London - Merman Production
I.Jack Wright TV 2024 Caterers London
True Love TV 2023 Caterers Recall TV
The Killing Kind TV 2023 Caterers Eleventh Hour Films
The Good Girl Guide to Murder TV 2023 Caterers Moonage production
Sleepover TV 2023 Caterers Quay Street Production
Sex Education 4 TV 2023 Caterers Starco TV
The Salt Path Film 2023 Caterers Number 9 Films
For Life TV 2023 Caterers Andrea the Giant
Fool me once TV 2023 Caterers Quay Street Production
Eternal Return Film 2023 Caterers BKS ETR Ltd
Comfort Bunny TV 2023 Caterers Andrea the Giant
Angel TV 2023 Caterers BBC Comedy Production
Alex Rider 3 TV 2022 Caterers EHF Alex Rider Ltd
Baby Reindeer TV 2022 Caterers Quite Funny Films
PACT II TV 2022 Caterers Little Door Ltd
Persuation Film 2022 Caterers
Expedables 4 Film 2022 Caterers
Bodies TV 2022 Caterers Moonage Pictures
Dinner with the Parents TV 2022 Caterers Big Talk Production
Flatshare TV 2022 Caterers Flatshare Television Ltd
Lazarus Project 2 TV 2022 Caterers Urban Myth Studio
The Gold TV 2022 Caterers OF Production
Traper Keeper TV 2022 Caterers Barking Lio Production
Alex Rider 2 TV 2021 Caterers EHF Alex Rider Ltd
Sex Education 3 TV 2021 Caterers Starco TV 4 Ltd
Larkins TV 2021 Caterers OF Production Ltd
Industry 2 TV 2021 Caterers Bad Wolf Ltd
Last Bus TV 2021 Caterers
Chloe TV 2021 Caterers MAM TOR Production
The Tuckers TV 2021 Caterers BBC
Tourist Trap TV 2019 Caterers
Brave New World Film 2019 Second Unit Caterer
The Cure TV 2019 Caterer
The Investigation TV 2019 Caterer
The First team TV 2019 Caterer
Almost Never TV 2018 Chef Manager

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